Green School News

This week members of the Green Schools Committee have been dusting down their tools and gloves in preparation for Spring. They have installed a bird feeder made from up-cycled tyres and wood. It is located near the school notice board on the right on the grass. They have made birdseed and lard balls to help sustain the local birds during this cold spell. The feeders are very low down and that’s OK given the risk of cats and dogs being nearby is practically nil. If you are setting up bird feeders at home in gardens it’s important to have them at more of a height. This is to avoid putting the birds at risk of being hunted and attacked while eating. The committee members also undertook a general Spring clean of the school entrance. Furthermore they assisted with the installation of some rain boots repurposed as planters onto the green fencing by the bike shelter. Their efforts are gratefully appreciated and have really brightened up the area.
Well done to all involved.



Anois Teacht an Earraigh

AnoisWith the arrival of Spring, the boys in sixth class have been busy making St. Brigid’s Crosses. This is a lovely tradition which the boys enjoy thoroughly. Not only do they boys make the crosses for themselves, they also made them for their parents, grandparents, friends and one for every classroom in Holy Family BNS. Well done boys!


Credit Union Quiz

We would like to thank the boys on our Junior and Senior School Quiz team.  They put in a brilliant performance at the Credit Union Quiz. They were just fantastic and a credit to their parents, school and families. Out of thirteen teams on the Junior Side, our Junior Team finished second. On the Senior side, our Senior Team finished fourth out of thirteen teams. Just fantastic!


RDS Young Scientists Limerick


Scan_20180120We had a fantastic day in Limerick. We had loads of visitors to our stand who were very impressed with our work. BT Judge Dr. Liam Brown, Vice President Research, Development & Innovation, Limerick Institute of Technology, wrote in his assessment that it was an “Excellent Project ” and he was very impressed with the boys. He was honoured to present us with our BT Award which will go on display in the school.The boys were very busy demonstrating to other children how to make exploding ninja stars. The boys also enjoyed the science talks on Chemistry and Slime!!
Well done everyone.


BT Young Scientists Exhibition!

Students from sixth class have spent the last few weeks working on their project for the BT Young Scientist’s Exhibition in Limerick on Friday 19th January. The boys project looks at  mapping the transference of energy via lollipop sticks.

The base experiment involves simply dropping five lollipop sticks from a stationary height of 1m. This is a form of Kinetic Energy.The follow on, is to drop five lollipop sticks that have been woven into a Ninja Star, from 1m also. This is a form of Mechanical energy. Both drops are measured and compared by the pupils. We added an extra drop of the Ninja Star involving extra force.

Each pupil made a Ninja Star using lollipop sticks and every pupil recorded and mapped the resultant outlay of the lollipop sticks. We noticed that no two drops were exactly the same. Also, greater force in a drop did not always result in a wider spread as the sticks just hopped up and came back down in the same place. A throw involving a flick gave a greater spread.

As part of our experiment we also looked at the three laws of Newton which are part of the Physics programme in Secondary school. Fun trivia: Newton, who is famous for having an apple fall on his head, is credited with inventing the cat flap!

We are in the process of completing our posters for the Young Scientist Exhibition. Be sure and visit our blog next week where we will upload pictures from the BT Young Scientist Exhibition itself. Well done everyone.

Christmas Newsletter

Christmas Newsletter Link  2017

 We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas. Click on above link  to open our Christmas Newsletter. It has been a very, very busy term. Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.


Christmas Concert Part 2

We had a fantastic concert in our school hall tonight. The show was marvellous and the children were just amazing.  A very special thank you to everyone who made our school concerts such a brilliant success. Happy Christmas everyone! [ These photos were taken from our “matinee” performance in the afternoon.]