Trip to the museum

Mr Kelly, Mr Hannigan and the 4th class boys from Room 14 took a trip to the military museum in Carlow recently. They really enjoyed the items on show which included a recreation of the trenches and lots of uniform from various armies.

Click here to see photos of the boys at the museum.


Just an update to add some photos of events in the school over the last few months.

National tree day with Mrs Daly talking to the boys. (You can just about make her out behind the tree)


Some scary pictures ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photos of the junior corridor at Halloween









Basketball training is currently taking place in the school for lots of the boys. Jim Connolly is the excellent coach and has great drills and ideas to get the boys playing to the best of their abilities.

The school basketball team made up of the boys from 6th class will be playing shortly in the county league. Competition for places is very intense as only five boys can start any one game. Ms Moynihan, Ms Delaney and Jim will have a hard time picking the team! Check back here for results later.

Hurling training.

Hurling training continues for boys in 4,5,6 class. Working on the basic skills inside at the moment but will move outside when the weather picks up a little and the field dries up.

We hope boys are practising at home as much as they can.