Engineering Week

5th Class had a great time at Carlow IT. The boys were there as part on National Engineering Week. The boys had a great time at the talk ” What’s Luck Got To Do With It?” It can take nine hours to toss ten heads in row for example. Great fun.

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Quiz Success

Congratulations our Quiz teams who were just brilliant on Friday night. They were just incredible. The Senior team was only four points behind the overall winners. The Junior team emerged as winners of the Junior section after two tiebreakers. This is a fantastic achievement,  as the Carlow Credit Union Quiz has a very high standard, with ten school teams partaking in each section Quiz practice for the Senior, Junior and Reserves will recommence this Friday the 7th from 3-05 to 3.45  Each team will be given 120 questions, with each team member to learn his allocated thirty questions.Well done everyone!

DSCF0461 DSCF0459

Something’s Cooking in the Kitchen.

The boys have been busy cooking in the parent’s room. It is just fantastic and the children love the cooking.

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