Active School Award,

Congratulations to everyone who helped out in achieving the prestigious Active School Flag. Fantastic achievement that took a tremendous amount of hard work and planning.


K’nex Project

DSCF4285 DSCF4287 DSCF4291Recently, all the pupils from 1st 2nd and 3rd class had great fun working making k’nex models of sharks, trucks, swings, globes etc in the hall. Well done everyone! Very successful project.


DSCF4656DSCF4661DSCF4643DSCF4649DSCF4660DSCF4662DSCF4651DSCF4633DSCF4658DSCF4628       DSCF4663 DSCF4664 DSCF4665 DSCF4666DSCF4641DSCF4634DSCF4646