Mrs. Wall’s Retirement Photos.

Many thanks to Martin Byrne taking these fantastic photos on the occasion of Mrs Wall’s retirement June 2014.

MJB-CW-1-4 MJB-CW-1-66MJB-CW-1-46MJB-CW-1-61MJB-CW-1-41MJB-CW-1-42MJB-CW-1-24MJB-CW-1-32MJB-CW-1-64MJB-CW-1-6MJB-CW-1-7MJB-CW-1-19MJB-CW-1-22MJB-CW-1-58MJB-CW-1-28MJB-CW-1-43MJB-CW-1-25MJB-CW-1-53MJB-CW-1-57MJB-CW-1-55MJB-CW-1-47MJB-CW-1-52MJB-CW-1-39                  MJB-CW-1-33   MJB-CW-1-31         MJB-CW-1-60MJB-CW-1-30MJB-CW-1-36MJB-CW-1-34MJB-CW-1-48 MJB-CW-1-5MJB-CW-1-29MJB-CW-1-8

About askeabns
All boys national school in Askea, Carlow. We currently have around 350 boys from Junior Infants to Sixth class.

One Response to Mrs. Wall’s Retirement Photos.

  1. jason kelly says:

    A fantastic principal,

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