Happy Halloween

We had a fantastic Halloween. Our wonderful parents council organised a fantastic mask competition which the children enjoyed tremendously. Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone.

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Heritage Visit

We had an excellent  visit from organic farmer Vincent O’Sullivan. He gave excellent talks to all the classes on farming. The children were also shown how to churn butter and grind wheat into flour. Brilliant visit which was enabled by the Heritage council.

DSCF4010 DSCF4009 DSCF4008 DSCF4007 DSCF4006 DSCF4005 DSCF4004


The children were amazed to view all the star constellations and images of the Earth taken from the Moon. It was an amazing experience to view all these fantastic images in the Sky Dome. Well done everyone.


National Maths Week

We will be celebrating National Maths Week with a variety of activities. These range from old favourites “Snakes and Ladders” to Maths Eyes to Math Quizzes and Class Math Games. See our Download section for some of these resources.

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County Athletics Finals

Well done to all the boys who competed who so  well in the County Sports. A special word to John Phiri from fourth class who came first in County Carlow. This is a remarkable achievement as over one hundred children took part in each race. Well done everyone and especially the children who were just brilliant! Fantastic achievement.

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