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Dear Parents and Children. We hope you are all safe and well. Many thanks for all the positive feedback and suggestions.  They are just brilliant!

1: Literacy. This is a funny clip of a Scottish Granny reading “The Wonky Donkey”  to her grandchild. It is important for two reasons. The first being that the best activity is for parents to read to their children. Secondly, the most important home work for children is to tell their Grandparents how much they love and miss them!

Our suggested author this week is Dr.  Seuss These are excellent books for phonics and rhymes which are so important when learning to read. Please look for other titles such as Green Eggs and Ham! Fox on Socks etc.

A site recommend from your feedback is

Audio Books

These are free audio readings of a whole range of books for children.  Let us know which are the best!

2: For PE a site that had a few recommendations was Cosmic Kids Yoga. This is a new one for us. Let us know what you think.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

3: For Maths revision we recommend That Quiz It looks a bit scary but it is a very useful site for practising your Maths.

Start with “Integers” then go to “Arithmetic”  Set the level to 1 and select ten questions. Off you go.

Once you become familiar with this site you can practise more difficult and greater levels. You can also practise Time, Money, Geometry, Measurement etc.

4: Our Irish Story this week is the Three Little Pigs.

See you all next week when we will be concentrating on Quizzes.

And once again thanks for all the positive feedback and recommended sites. Very much appreciated.

Mr. Farrell ICT Coordinator

Ms Mulally Principal.




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