Math Week Resources

Revision is of critical importance in the development of maths. We will be doing “fun” tests with prizes for the children at appropriate times of the year. For example at Halloween each child that does his best with the test, irrespective of score, will get a chocolate eyeball! Pupil with top class score will get a monster’s chocolate eyeball. These tests, with appropriate graphics, are based on popular standarised maths tests. Test 1 is for 1st class, test 2 for second class etc. Test 5 is for 5th and 6th. These test are to be viewed in Word.  Let us know what you think!

5 Maths Trail                 4-maths-trail

 3 Maths Trail                2 Maths Trail         1 Maths Trail

Here are some Summer Math Trails!

Summer Maths Trail 5                Summer Maths Trail 4

Summer Maths Trail 3                 Summer Maths Trail 2

Summer Maths Trail 1

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