Foclóirín Cainte

This is a portal for various little booklets that we have created. The emphasis is on using the images to teach  children and learners the meaning of the various Irish words. These booklets are for anyone who has an interest in learning Irish. They are on YouTube to maximise accessibility. Word meanings can  be viewed on YouTube also.

In the Nathanna Cainte Section we have added the English translation in small print. Each leabhar cainte is around two to three minutes in length. There is a pause after each word after to facilitate repetition.

Please note that some words can have a few meanings. Please consult focló or which are excellent. There is a reverse translation facility in the English Irish Dictionary which can be very good also.

Booklets must be viewed in HD please.

Míle Buíochas
John Farrell
Project Co-Ordinator.

Aidiachtaí 1 

Aidiachtaí 2

Briathra 1

Briathra 2



Nathanna Cainte 1

Nathanna Cainte 2




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