This is a “leabhar cainte” i.e a talking Irish book. These are standard words that can be used in essays as well as conversational Irish. There is a pause after each word to facilitate repetition. Each clip is about two minutes long.

See also https://www.focloir.ie/  which is an excellent online Irish dictionary.
Please note word meanings may vary according to context and usage!!

Míle Buíochas

Word Meanings.
1: Pióg: Pie. 2: Prátaí: Potatoes. 3: Tráta: Tomato. 4: Cáca Milis: Sweet Cake. 5: Ubh: Egg. 6: Cais: Cheese. 7: Feoil: Meat. 8: Salann – Salt. Piobar: Pepper. 9: Sicín: Chicken. 10: Leitís: Lettuce. 11: Oinniún: Onion. 12: Aibreog: Apricot. 13: Aran: Bread – Bollóg: Loaf- Pan. 14: Piséanna: Peas. 15: Cairéad: Carrot. 16: Uachtar Reoite: Ice Cream. 17: Oráiste: Orange. 18: Ull : Apple. 19: Im: Butter 20: Bainne: Butter.

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