Holy Family Boys National School, Askea is an all boys school with 366 enrolled from Junior Infants to Sixth class. The school has many achievements such as Soccer champions, gaelic Winners, Google Artists, Games Dat Enthusiast etc to its credit but the school’s proudest boast is that everyone participates to the best of their ability. We are also very lucky that Carlow is a brilliant town with many excellent facilities ranging from running tracks, soccer and Gaelic pitches, swimming pools, theatre etc. The school avails of these on a regular basis for the children. Please have a look around our site so that you can get an idea of all that goes on in our school, Holy Family BNS.

Here we are on Google maps!

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  1. angela bizerra says:

    great school! great teachers! the best principal I have ever seen in my life. Thank you very much for the good knowledge you give my son. He just finished 6th class this summer.

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