Christmas Newsletter 2008

Scoil an Teaghlaigh Naofa Christmas Newsletter 2008

Nollaig Shona Daoibh go leir

Dear Parents
I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy Christmas and a peaceful new year. Thank you all for your support and encouragement during the last few months. As you can see from the newsletter things have been very busy! I would like to thank the students and teachers for their dedication and hard work. I really think that the students are very lucky to have such talented and hard working teachers!
The school community have been very busy preparing for the Christmas concert and the night was a great success. Congratulations to all involved. The choir will be going busking for charity with Mrs.Knox. All the after schools activities e.g. sport, computers and Spanish lessons are in full swing.
I would like to offer a special word of thanks to the parent’s council who have put tremendous work into the development of the school. They are undoubtedly the best parents council in the country! Have a happy and safe Christmas…I hope Santa will be good to you all this year!
Patricia Wall

Christmas Carol Service
The schools annual Christmas carol service was very successful. There were many highlights on the night with the school choir and individual classes giving outstanding performances. Great musical talent was displayed, all thanks to Ms.Knox. We may have a future X-factor finalist in our midst!

Christmas Shoebox Appeal / Missions
Thanks to all parents and pupils who have made an excellent contribution to the shoe box appeal and to the pupils for their continuing support to Sr.Grette. It is greatly appreciated.

The boys have been rocking it out with Eddie on the drums. Ms.Knox and the choir will give Westlife a run for their money and show Linkin Park how to play guitar Askea style!

Computer Club

The school computer club has had a very busy term. The lads were taught the basics of computing as well as digital photography and the making of c.ds.The club is also involved in creating a website for This website, which will be live on the teachnet website in the New Year, has an interactive poll and blog about whether digital money is a good or bad idea. The club will receive 750 euro for completing this project. This money will be used to purchase refurbished computers through Well done everyone!

Sports News

Indoor Soccer League
The second-class soccer league is going very well with great commitment shown from all the pupils. All classes from first class up get a chance to take part throughout the year. Your support is invaluable as monies raised by the pupils go towards purchasing new classroom resources.
Swimming second and third class are making great waves in the pool with all strokes being developed on.
Basketball/hurling training will commence in the New Year.
Gaelic Football Tina O’Brien is coaching the boys and they are learning lots of skills and really enjoying training! The Liam McCarthy cup May yet come to Carlow in future years…
Futsal Congratulations forth class…they won the Carlow futsal league!! Messi, Ronaldo, Kaka and Ronaldinho all said futsal was very important in developing their ball skills as youngsters. Mr.Farrell has introduced this game as it puts emphasis on ball control and technique. Watch out Ronaldo!

Askea’s got talent!

Ice Competition ( Brandon, 6th class)

In October I won a competition on R.T.E’s Ice. I saw the programme one morning and I asked my friends to help me make a video. After around fifteen takes of us laughing in the middle of it we finally got the right video. I sent the video into R.T.E and the Wednesday after that it was mentioned that I won. I was delighted. On the 7th of October I was collected with my 5 friends (Sean Barron, Dylan Nolan, Jamal Cunningham, Christopher Bermingham and Jake Comiskey) at the shell petrol station in a bus and brought to Donnybrook, Dublin and into R.T.E.
We walked to reception and then Rob Ross from Ice brought us to the EA hub, which is in a building with brand new games and big TVs. I wasn’t the only one who won the competition, another boy and his friends were there too. We got a goody bag and we got to test out the new games! I played a Fifa ’09 match against the other boy who won the competition. It was a great day and we got a copy each of Fifa ’09!

The day I was mascot (Jake Oman, 3rd class)

My uncle plays soccer for Bohemians. They got into the final with Derry City. About a week before the match he asked me did I want to be mascot and I said yes! I couldn’t wait until the match.
The morning of the match I was nervous that all my friends would see me on the TV. When we got to the match, we got our seats and the match was about to start. I got changed and lined up, my uncle came out and we went onto the pitch. The two teams lined up and the President came out and I got to shake her hand and then I ran back to my seat to watch the match!

Peace Poster Competition (Lukas Vidiksis, Cian Cleary, 6th class)

There was a peace poster competition in Carlow and there were two winners from every school. Cian Cleary won first prize and I won second prize. We went to the Seven Oaks hotel to get our prize, Cian won 20-euro worth of book vouchers and I won 5 euros worth. We got our picture in the paper.

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