A Final Warning !

No More Paper Money                        Crossed Wires.


Computers can be incredibly stupid machines.
The following exchange demonstrates this clearly.

It is also a reminder to return your library books on time!

Based on an old Science Fiction Story which tells it much better!

Central Library Computer: Mr. J. Farrell,  you are now overdue by three weeks on your copy of Kidnapped by R.L. Stevenson.
Please return immediately

Mr. J. Farrell: Sorry about that. The delay is due to the new satellite communication system being set up for our apartment block.

 Central Computer: Mr. J. Farrell it has come to our attention that you may be involved in a criminal activity.
We will now direct the Central Criminal  Computer to investigate

 Mr. J. Farrell: Look. I’m really sorry about the delay with Kidnapped. I will return it as soon as possible. O.K!!

 Central Criminal Computer: Mr. J. Farrell  it has come to our attention that you kidnapped a certain Mr. R.L. Stevenson
for a period of three weeks. This is a serious offence and will forward relevant data to Central Judicial Computer.

 Mr. J. Farrell: Listen you %^&**$# lúdramán of a machine.
I will bring the ~~!@#$%^&*(-+ book back. O.K.!!


Central Judicial Computer: Mr. J. Farrell re kidnapping of R.L.Stevenson. 
You have been sentenced to twenty years hard.
Plus a further year for improper use of language communication. Have a nice day.

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