The following are links wehave used to develop our project “No More Paper Money”

Click on Image to be directed to relevant link.

Section1: Who Invented Paper Money?

2: No More Children Begging.

Digital money can be very easily traced.

This is what computers do


With no loose change of any kind, begging will be pointless.

Click on image for background information.

3: What is Biometrics.

Security is very important and will become more so.

Click on image below for information on what are


4:Near Field Communication.

NFC What’s that all about?

Click on photo.

5: What happens if my mobile is stolen?

The Preyproject!

“Silent but deadly

Basically you install a tiny agent in your PC or phone,

which silently waits for a remote signal to wake up and work its magic.

This signal is sent either from the Internet or through an SMS message,

and allows you to gather information regarding the device’s location, hardware and network status,

and optionally trigger specific actions on it.”

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