Computer Room

Here in Holy Family BNS we have an excellent computer room. It contains twenty five computers with internet access. It is used every week by all the senior classes from 3rd to sixth. That’s close on two hundred children a week! The main aim of the computer room is create a high degree of digital confidence among the children. This is achieved by introducing the children to a wide variety of computer programs that develop certain specific skills e.g. Blockwork – How to open, create and save a file.

The computing process is far more important than actual program content!

We also introduce the children to a wide range of mathematical programs. These programs are excellent for teaching children certain mathematical concepts that are difficult to teach in a traditional manner e.g. Co ordinates, time, place value, equivalence etc. The critical advantage of a computer room is that it enables a large group of children to gain meaningful hands on computing skills. Please view screen shots of some of our favourite programs. These are stored on the hard drive with relevant shortcuts to allow for ease of access and maintenance. You can also download some of these programs from the schools website at

We also have some excellent free math programs that we have downloaded from the internet. The programs on Co ordinates are outstanding. Countdown maths is a winner also.

7 Responses to Computer Room

  1. I like these games a lot.

  2. tommy mahon says:

    These games are the best. I love them a lot.

  3. Charlie murphy says:


  4. Ryan Sheeran says:


  5. igor cardoso dos santos says:

    These games are the best!!!

  6. kyle says:

    TM sunrise

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