Green Schools


Our Green school committee.

Green Schools
We have been awarded green flags for Reduce,Reuse,Recycle, Energy conservation and Water reduction. This year we are working towards our 4th green flag. Every Wednesday we have a W.O.W (Walk on Wednesday). We get as many people as possible to walk to
school to save energy. We have a banner. Our slogan is “Not that far don’t use a car” by David Sindeorzan 6th class. In October we were awarded 2nd place in the tidy towns and 2nd in Pride of Place.

Green School’s Code

1. We will bring all our rubbish home.
2. We will use and empty our composter daily.
3. We will use only one paper towel for hand drying and use the classroom bin for paper towels only.
4.We will ensure our classro.oms are kept clean and tidy.
5.We will recycle our white paper-always use both sides and keep used white sheets of paper flat for shredding.
6.We will reduce our paper and envelope where possible.
7.We will recycle padded envelopes.
8.We will save energy by turning off the lights when the room is empty.
9.We will save energy by unpluging our stereos and turning off computers fully when not in use.
10.We will save energy by closing doors throughout the school to keep in the heet.
11.We will save water by not leaving the taps running while washing our hands.
12.We will save water by making sure taps are off properly.
13. At home we will not leave the tap running while brushing our teeth.
14. We will undertake seasonal planting.

The big push from the green schools committee is WOW (Walk On Wednesday). This was launched back in November and all the boys are encouraged to walk/park and stride/cycle etc. to school. Here are some photos of the launch.

hpim2068 hpim2064 hpim2074

Here are some photos of other green schools activities.

3 Responses to Green Schools

  1. Ryan Sheeran says:

    I’m on the Green school committee and it is great. You get to do everything.

  2. Ryan Sheeran says:

    I’m on the green school comittee and it is great. You get to do everything

  3. Sinead Howe says:

    Look forward to seeing all the wonderful Green School work that will happen this year!

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