Board Games Day 2009

We had great fun dressing up as monsters and playing traditional board games. Every class has a great stock of traditional board games. This is great for wet days when we cannot get out to play. Before we started to play board games some big boys did not even know what a dice was! Too much X Box! Board games are great! We learn to take turns. We learn to talk to our friends and classmates from other countries.  Board games and card games are great for our maths as well. We must estimate, calculate and work out the odds as well as having great fun. Some ot our favourite games are Snakes and Ladders, Battleships, Connect Four, Jenga, Ludo, Draughts, Hangman etc. We play card games as well such as Pairs, Higher and Lower, Snap, Go Fish and House of Cards. Some teachers even make up their own board games! Board Games day was brilliant and we just love playing these fantastic games!  See our brilliant photos that we took ourselves.

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