Active School Award.

We were delighted and honoured when legendary Kilkenny manager, Brian Cody,  presented us with our National Active School Flag. Well done everyone. A fantastic occasion and one never to be forgotten.

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Energy Guzzlers

As part of National Science Week, fourth class visited Carlow Library. There, the children had a marvellous time learning all about conserving energy. Well done everyone.

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Discover Primary Science

Second class had a wonderful time in Carlow library as part of National Science Week. They were treated to a wide array of experiments with the Mentos and Coke being a big hit! Well done everyone.

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National Science Week.

BT Young Scientists Success. Congratulations to the sixth class pupils of Holy Family BNS who will be attending the BT Young Scientist’s Exhibition in the RDS on the 8th January 2014. The boys project “Why are pipes round?” was successfully chosen from a very large selection of entries from primary schools all around Ireland. Well done boys. Photos shows  5th class pupils , enjoying an excellent talk on “Heat and Fire” in Carlow IT as part of National Science week.

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